The Worst Things that Marvel’s Hercules Has Ever Done

Super Heroes can often trace the lineage of their creation back many years. Batman originated in 1939 in Detective Comics #39, The Shadow debuted in The Shadow Magazine #1 in 1931 and John Carter of Mars made his first foray to the red planet in 1911.

Yet, even these heroes’ distant heritage pales in comparison to that of Marvel’s HerculesEver since Marvel adopted the mythological birth of Hercules as cannon, the genesis of the prince of power now dates from 600BCE to 500 BCE. This is the approximate date of some Corinthian pottery that depicted scenes of Hercules and the centaur Pholos. Over the last 25oo years, Hercules has got up to all sorts of mischief. Here are the worst things that Hercules has ever done.

Read the rest of the list over at CBR

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