Ancestors Legacy Review

Being a warrior in an age where the most technologically advanced weapon was a sword must have absolutely sucked. Just imagine it: stood in a shield wall, your enemy mere feet from you. You frantically jab with your blade at any exposed head, legs or groin you can see, whilst also hoping that your head, legs and groin remain safely hidden behind your far-too-small shield. Get it wrong and you’ll soon find yourself lying in the mud, holding your own intestines and with the newfound ability of being able to touch your toes – mainly because they’re now detached from your body. No wonder warriors in the Middle Ages would get absolutely wasted prior to battle on booze and hallucinogens.

Not that you’d know that from playing Ancestors Legacy, it’s a strategy game that allows you to orchestrate your armies movements with skill and discipline, rather than the more historically accurate version of having to force a bunch of lice-infested inebriates to go vaguely where you want them to.

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